Wrexham Golf Club

Captains Day

Saturday 8th June 2019, White Tees, Wrexham

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Results Points Switch to Gross PointsCSS 71 (Visitors 71)
1st Christopher Davis(13)39
2nd David Sides(14)38
3rd Philip Allan Nicholls(20)38
4th Gary Field(14)37
5th Brian Hughes(15)36
6th Peter Bayliss(19)36
7th Huw Lloyd Williams(11)36
8th Keith Fox(14)36
9th Colin E Jones(13)35
10th Paul Sweeney(6)35
11th Brian Halliwell(11)35
12th Michael Stokes(16)35
13th William Baines(5)35
14th Martin Jones(6)35
15th Leslie Cecil Jones(15)34
16th Andrew Mayock(6)34
17th Kevin Andrew Lewis(10)34
18th Duncan Fellowes(6)34
19th Mark Garner(7)34
20th Rhys Millington(1)34
21st Anthony Brian Darlington(5)34
22nd Andrew John Kevin Bostock(5)34
23rd Gareth O Jones(10)33
24th Andrew Shaughnessy(2)33
25th Gerald Francis Padfield(15)33
26th Michael Smith(26)33
27th Paul Wyn Jones(14)33
28th Keith Baines(8)33
29th Ted Turner(19)33
30th Dewi Gareth Sides(5)33
31st Lawrence Bayliss(12)33
32nd Malcolm Sides(10)33
33rd Kevin Andrew Davies(10)33
34th Gwyn Davies(25)33
35th Peter Horsley(5)32
36th Peter Snape(11)32
37th Jonathan Tym(6)32
38th John Hogan(16)32
39th Lee Tattum(5)32
40th Michael Evans(2)32
41st Mark [Womble] Williams(4)32
42nd Anthony Phillips(5)32
43rd Phillip Garner Lowndes(14)32
44th Andrew Barry Davies(7)32
45th Kevin Bostock(12)32
46th Daniel Hughes(23)31
47th Andrew Tweedie(13)31
48th Gareth John Hannaby(9)31
49th Andrew Wayne Moth(16)31
50th Alec Lucas(15)31
51st Ben Roberts(5)31
52nd Michael Palmer(8)31
53rd Ian Darlington(15)31
54th Andrew Ward(3)31
55th Carl White(10)31
56th Dale Hill(26)30
57th Trevor Alan Harris(11)30
58th Alan Minson(20)30
59th Colin Walsh(13)30
60th Richard Williams(11)30
61st Keith Joseph Barwise(19)30
62nd Richard Morgan(12)30
63rd Stephen Wright(9)30
64th Timothy Ian Jones(4)30
65th Luke Peter Davies(5)30
66th Daniel James Hencher(8)29
67th Dylan Wyn Williams(18)29
68th Malcolm J Edwards(14)29
69th Anthony Paul Harry(11)29
70th Keith Miller(6)29
71st Matthew John Evans(19)29
72nd Robert Julian Davies(9)29
73rd Timothy Lloyd(13)29
74th Ian Stuart Jones(15)29
75th Clifford Hopley(7)28
76th Michael Cowman(15)28
77th David Duffield(12)28
78th Jim Christopher Keenan(15)28
79th Paul Graham Roberts(11)28
80th Paul Cox(16)28
81st David Phillips(7)28
82nd Joe Garner(8)28
83rd Stuart Lloyd(12)28
84th Luke Parry(3)28
85th Roger Large(10)27
86th Bob Minson(18)27
87th Martin Paul Brand(22)27
88th Nigel Jones(17) Padeswood & Buckley Golf Club27
89th Robin Condren(16)27
90th Daniel James Thomas(14)27
91st Shaun Benson(17)27
92nd Karl Trevor Matthias(8)27
93rd Howard Griffiths(9)27
94th Lee Roberts(7)27
95th Frank Chadwick(19)27
96th Alan Stones(15)27
97th Neil Lloyd-Richards(15)26
98th John Frederick Jones(13)26
99th Karl Griffiths(6)26
100th Alun Evans(23)26
101st Ross Breese(22)26
102nd Colin Brand(15)26
103rd Stephen Lloyd(17)26
104th Joel Alan Baines(15)26
105th Maelor Gittins(12)26
106th Christopher Roberts(17)25
107th Maurice Simpson(29)25
108th Haydn Edward Davies(17)25
109th Craig Mathews(9)25
110th Nigel Fisher(15)25
111th Myles Roberts(18)24
112th Andy Wynne(11)24
113th Graham Ellis(8)24
114th Paul Kevin Venn(15)24
115th Philip McKevitt(20)24
116th Stanley F Roberts(18)24
117th Mark Hatton(14)23
118th Jamie Victor Michael Butcher(10)23
119th Mike Keen(14)23
120th David Carson(20)23
121st Ian Arnold(15)23
122nd Gareth Owen(13)23
123rd Andrew David Povah(11)23
124th Anthony Gerald Morgan(19)23
125th Clive Griffiths(16)23
126th Richard Edwards(20)23
127th Steven L Williams(16)22
128th Stephen Lawrence McKevitt(10)22
129th Reg Williams(22)22
130th Alan J Roberts(17)22
131st Carl Jones(18)22
132nd Gareth Longster(12)22
133rd Robert David Williams(19)21
134th Graham Evans(12)21
135th Mark W Roberts(16)21
136th Robert Salathiel(13)21
137th Robert Kevin Kelsall(15)20
138th David V Ellis(20)20
139th Gary Murt(13)20
140th John Anthony Purcell(16)20
141st Ian John Hodgson(23)20
142nd Barry Wright(19)20
143rd Geoffrey Vincent Evans(18)19
144th William Stanley Mathews(17)19
145th Stuart Linsey(16)15
146th Mark Pritchard(13)13
147th David E Burke(18)7
DQ Malcolm Threadgold(22)DQ NOT SIGNED
DQ Jason Lee Owen(8)DQ NO CARD
DQ Tony Washington-Dyer(19)DQ NO CARD

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